bitmap theory 101

A New Standard for a Bitcoin Metaverse. It takes advantage of the nature of data's unique ability to be parsed from multiple angels.
Welcome to Bitmap, a transformative metaverse standard built on the Bitcoin blockchain. Leveraging the Ordinals theory and Bitmap theory, Bitmap offers a groundbreaking way to claim ownership of Bitcoin Blocks. It's a new frontier in the world of decentralized digital ownership and the Metaverse.
"Some inventions are more like discovery's" - Bitoshi Blockamoto

What is Bitmap?

Bitmap is an open-source standard that allows anyone to ascribe ownership of a Bitcoin Block by inscribing it onto a Satoshi using Ordinals and the Bitmap standard. This process is equitable and decentralized, turning any Bitcoin block into a part of the Metaverse at the cost of energy.

How Does Bitmap Work?

With Bitmap, any block on the Bitcoin blockchain can be inscribed, making it an integral part of the Metaverse. Platforms can parse this Block Data into the 3D realm and grant build access to block owners, creating a new paradigm for open-source development.

The Importance of Bitcoin Block Ownership

Ownership of Bitcoin Blocks in the Bitmap standard brings with it a range of possibilities. Owners can inscribe transactions as parcels on their own blocks, effectively fractionalizing a block and making it possible to distribute parts of it to a wider community. This means that block owners can become active contributors to the Metaverse, offering a platform for building upon their blocks and creating vibrant, community-driven spaces.

Satoshi Blocks and Their Significance

Among the available blocks are a number of 'Satoshi blocks,' those mined by Satoshi Nakamoto in the early days of Bitcoin. These carry a particular historical significance, marking the inception of the Bitcoin blockchain. Owning a Satoshi block is a unique way of holding a piece of Bitcoin history.

Building the Open Metaverse

At Bitmap, our vision extends beyond the present. The proceeds from initial block sales will be invested in developing the next layer of tools on the Bitmap standard, laying the groundwork for a world built upon these unique digital spaces. Our roadmap includes the open-source development of the standard, and consensus, working closely with platforms looking to build on in this standard.

Join the Revolution

We invite you to join us in this exciting journey towards building a truly open Metaverse. Whether you're a builder, a visionary, or simply a Bitcoin enthusiast, there's a place for you in the Bitmap community. Get involved today and help shape the future of the Bitcoin Metaverse.