Abstract. A spatial digital realm derived from the data and ruleset of Bitcoin amounts to a universal persistent virtual landscape which inherits the unique properties of Bitcoin. It takes advantage of data's unique ability to be parsed from multiple angels. Bitcoin Blocks are the fundamental base layer of Bitcoin, serving as collections of transactions. Bitmap is a consensus ruleset based upon the simple theory that Bitcoin Blocks, Transactions, and the fundamental data structure of Bitcoin can be represented spatially. Anybody can claim space on this universal multi-dimensional canvas, underpinned by Ordinals Theory, opening the possibility to pin digital artefacts to co-ordinates. Bitmap acts as a pointer to block data, with a first-is-first expandatory supply tied to number of Bitcoin Blocks. Valid Bitmap holders are the key bearers. Bitmap inscriptions and builders may inscribe unto their Bitmap using this theory and standard. Bitmap has fast become adopted globally as a new social consensus layer atop Bitcoin. By its nature, it attracts a global effort to provide value to this realm. The results of the rollout of Bitmap point towards an ever-growing, evergreen vibrant developer economy for the ongoing future on the perma-web Metaverse on the most widely adopted Blockchain.

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